Why Made-To-Measure Curtains?

Every home deserves to look its best and to reflect the taste and preferences of you, the homeowner.

Made-to-measure curtains offer the perfect way to personalise your interior design, whether you’re a traditionalist or you like the more modern looks. They allow you to match styles throughout your home while offering a curtain that is handcrafted, unique and long-lasting.

Through the use of different headings, trims, linings and accessories, we can create a truly bespoke set of curtains designed by you with help from Oxon Curtains for your perfect home.

Our curtains are made-to-measure but more importantly, they’re Made-To-Matter.

How to choose your perfect curtains

With over 15 years of experience, we’ve developed a keen eye for recognising the best styles to match each individual’s taste.

You may already know what you’re looking for but for those who are unsure or still deciding, our wealth of expertise and our design guide can offer you the guidance needed to realise your unique vision for the perfect set of curtains.


Whether you want your curtains to have a more formal feel or you prefer a modern vibe, curtain headings play an essential role in cultivating your desired look. To ensure that our curtains match your vision, we create curtains using a variety of heading including…

Pencil pleat (3”, 6”)


Pinch Pleat (Double, Triple)



The right lining can elevate any curtain. They increase a curtain’s durability, make them look fuller and help them hang better. They can control the light levels within your home as well as keeping your house warm during winter and cool during the summer. We offer a range of high-quality linings to choose from including:




You may already have a near-perfect curtain but it might be letting in too much light or not regulating the temperature of your house well. We can solve this issue but either relining your existing curtain or creating a lining curtain to hang underneath your existing one.

Fabrics and Materials

The most crucial part of any curtain is the fabric you make it from.
It can be daunting to pick the fabric that goes with your quintessential style but we’ll be there to provide guidance and any help you require during your selection process.

Our expertise along with our large base of trusted supplies can help you pick the right fabric to really bring your room together. We have over 700 styles made up of a range of different materials, colours and patterns to choose from.

Our buying guide also provides advice on which fabrics suit which rooms within your home.

Window Shape

We know that every house can be unique as can every window but we’ve not yet encountered a window for which we can’t create a curtain for.

From simple windows to difficulty shaped ones and bay windows, we guarantee we can create a made-to-measure curtain that will fit your window flawlessly.


A well-chosen pole can put the finishing touches on your curtains. We’ll help you choose a pole from our range of materials that matches the styles, colours and fabrics of your curtain.


Curtain pelmets are decorative boards that hide curtain installation details and their mechanisms

As part of our made-to-measure curtain service, we can make pelmets for existing curtains or as part of your newly designed curtain.

Fitting service

Once your curtain has been made, we offer a fitting and hanging service to ensure safe installation and the magazine cover look for your home.